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Sorry for bothering you to come to this extra page in order to download. The purpose of this extra page is mainly to get a rough idea about how many people actually use and download the program.
So, here is another reminder: Please sign my guestbook!
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If you want to be informed about the release of new versions, drop me an email under a AT abalser . de.

So here is the program for download:

If you have no idea what the above is about, try "cat /etc/release" on your agenda:
If the first line contains "1.1.xS" (where x is some number), it is snow-1.1.
If the first line contains "1.0.xS" (where x is some number), it is snow-1.0 (in that case you should get a cross-compiler for that romdisk and compile goVRec yourself; or let me know about it. At the moment, I don't have the snow-1.0 cross-compiler, so I don't provide these binaries).
Otherwise, you will probably have to stick with the mips non-snow version. Oh, no; actually, you probably should upgrade to a (faster!) snow-romdisk...
If the one that fits your rootdisk does not work, maybe you have to compile the program yourself. The ones above are compiled using james-snow-compiler 1.0.9-2, 1.1.0 resp.